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Liberia National Physician Assistants Board


The Liberia National Physician Assistant Board – also referred to as the Board of Examination and Licensure or simply the Board – works closely with the Liberia National Physician Assistant Association to regulate the practice of Physician Assistants in Liberia.


It operates as an autonomous and separate body from the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare with the sole purpose of guiding and promoting the Association (LINPAA).

The functions of the Board include:

  • Establishing the procedure and set guidelines for the licensure of all persons practicing the art as a Physician Assistant.

  • Issuing licenses to persons engage in, or desiring to engage in the practice as a Physician Assistant who has graduated from an accredited school of Physician Assistant in the Republic of Liberia or abroad.

  • Maintaining the records of all it members.

  • Developing and harmonizing the curriculum of the schools of Physician Assistant in the Republic of Liberia.

  • Administering examinations to new Physician Assistants.

  • Establishing disciplinary actions for violations of the professional standards set by the board.

  • Supervising all officials of the association; the Board shall have the power to suspend officials of the association for act deem as unethical and administrative negligence.

The functions of the Board include:

Obtaining a Physician Assistant License:

Initial license:

New candidates/graduates must register to take the board exam, usually twice per year (in January and August). Note that the registration form is sold for $500.00 Liberian dollars, and the registration fee is an additional $7,000.00 Liberian dollars (fees subject to change). Once registered, candidates will sit for the exam. Candidates that successfully pass the exam will receive their first license, a certificate and transcript.

Physician assistants who graduated from a foreign institution (including those with different name but with similar professional orientations) may apply for a license using the following procedure:

  1. Write a letter of application to the board stating desire and reason(s) for wanting to practice in Liberia.

  2. Attach the original credentials (Diploma/degree offered, transcript, letter of recommendation from training institution and CV) and contact number, e-mail address(s) and or website of the training institution to the letter.

License Renewal

Currently, the license period is valid for 1 calendar year. Renewals take place at the end of each year (January 1-March 31) for the following year. PAs must pay a fee of $10.00 USD or its equivalent in Liberian dollars (plus any applicable fees, such as dues to LINPAA). Increment to this fee shall only be made by a 2/3 majority votes of members of the Association attending a convention.

Late renewal of license (after March 31) may result in a fine.

The Board is working towards changing the license period to 2 years, in line with the National CPD Guidelines.


The following constitutes malpractice:

  • A member who fails to renew his license, but still practicing the art as a Physician Assistant.

  • A member who engages in acts that are contrary to the code of conduct of a Physician Assistant as prescribed the constitution.

The penalty for malpractice may include:

  • Any Physician Assistant who engages in a malpractice shall have his/her license revoked and is prosecuted by the Board.

  • Any Public, Non-Governmental Organization or Private institutions that employed a Physician Assistant without a license shall be sued for encouraging malpractice and obstruction of the functions of the association.

  • Any Physician Assistant caught practicing without a license shall be fined. The fined shall be paid along with all other fees for license and assessment in force.

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