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Recommended if applying to Liberia National Physician Assistants Association & Board

Recommended if applying to all six professional Health Boards

Information for Health Professionals

Beginning in April 2025, all physician assistants in Liberia will be required to complete CPD in order to renew their license. Individual physician assistants are expected to identify their individual learning needs, complete approved CPD content, and keep a record of CPD activities and present documentation to the Board when required.

CPD is measured using Continuing Education Units (CEUs), with 1 CEU corresponding to 10 hours of active learning. All health professionals in Liberia, including physician assistants are required to complete 4 CEUs (equivalent to roughly 40 hours) every 2 years.

CEUs may be earned through a variety of CPD activities:

• Approved CPD courses offered by registered CPD providers (certificate required if over 5 hours)

• Pre-approved activities (certificate required if over 5 hours)

* Online training at the following organizations

- World Continuing Education Alliance (coming soon)
- World Health Organization
- Medscape
- U.S. Centers for Disease Control
- Global Health E-Learning Center

o Attending a national or regional scientific conference

• Pre-approved activities for pre-determined CEUs
o This includes attending clinical meetings such as grand rounds, conducting research, participating in policy development, serving as a preceptor, and participating other in-service training. For guidance on how to count and track CEUs for these activities, see the National Guidelines for CPD.

Download a printable logbook page here to track your CEUs
Are you a preceptor? Download a preceptor form to count preceptorship as CEUs


Information for CPD Providers

Provider Registration
Organizations providing CPD are required to register with each relevant health professions boards each year. Registration entails:

1. Submitting the CPD Provider Registration Form to all boards under which the provider intends to provide learning activities.

2. Paying an annual registration fee to all boards at which the CPD provider aims to register, according to the below fee schedule. To pay the required fee to the Physician Assistants Association.


Register as a CPD Provider
Course Approval
Once CPD providers have registered, they are eligible to submit learning activities for course approval. Each learning activity requires its own approval. There is no fee for course approval.

Application process:

1. Complete and submit the application form for CPD courses to the relevant health professions board(s) at least one month before the start of the CPD learning activity.


2. The application will be evaluated by the CPD committee. The CPD committee will recommend one of three outcomes: a. “Accepted as Approved CPD”: The course is approved, CEUs are assigned, and the CPD provider may proceed to deliver the course. b. “Revise and Resubmit”: Changes are required before the course is approved. The CPD provider should revise their plan and resubmit the application. c. “Rejected”: The course was not approved. The CPD provider may overhaul the course and re-apply.


3. For approved courses, CPD providers must share evaluation materials with the health professions board following the activity. This may include any program evaluation that may inform future delivery of the activity or other CPD activities.

Submit a CPD Course Application

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